Necklaces & Earrings


Ceramic Tiles

These tiles offer a magical glimpse into the wilderness that inspired them. From sea creatures to gently swaying kelp, these unique pieces are wonderfully collectable.


Car Diffusers & Key Chains

The wild will never be too far out of reach with these west coast inspired rearview mirror charms and keychains.


Ornaments & Magnets

Memories of days spent exploring the beach and breathing in the clean coastal air. A keepsake to keep the coast close.


Reflections of Nature in Clay

My goal is to bring nature to you, to have you hold a little piece of it in your hand or wear it over your heart, to remember our connection with the wild places and our part within it.

I feel the same as my son does about his hermit crab with the humpback whale earrings my husband bought me for my birthday. They feel like my spirit animals. Like I'm guarded when I wear them. I can't explain it, there is just something about them.

Kristi Lewis

I can’t  tell you how much my Mum loved the ornaments last year.  I think it might have been her favourite Christmas gift I've ever gotten her.

E. Nicholson

From the feisty personality of the kingfisher, to the playful curiousity of the seal, the intelligent gaze of the octopus, or the deep bond between mama and baby whale, Steph Bergman deftly captures the true essence and nature of each animal in her art. The viewer is given a genuine insight into the character of Steph's subjects. I enjoy my octopus each and every day. Steph possesses a true gift and powerful skill that is evident in every piece that she creates.

Christina G.